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  • Creating awareness about need for protection against losses due to fire.
  • Minimize losses to life and property by providing adequate means of fire protection.
  • Arrange for incentives for taking adequate means of lire Protection such as Insurance rebates.
  • Help in the creation of Standards for Fire Protection in India and encourage its implementation.
  • Encourage those contributing to the cause of Fire Protection in India through awards etc.
  • Organized work shop on Metrology Act 2009.
  • Address the concerns and common issues of our members.
  • Explore and encourage all the avenues for creating a safe and fire- free India.
  • Providing a common forum to the industry for discussing relevant issues.
  • Establish library, testing and training center research Center etc. for fire protection industries in India.
  • To organize seminar, conference and training programs etc. to promote technical knowledge among theMembers.
  • To maintain liaison and cordial relations with other national and international professional bodies having similar orAllied aims &objectives.
  • To interact with various Govt. Agencies to promote the aims and objectives of society
  • To enunciate just and equitable principles to govern the trade in fire fighting equipments the trade in fire fightingEquipments and to set up a code or codes of practices for the general guidance of manufactures, traders andExporters of aforesaid goods and further to simplify transactions relating to exports of said goods
  • To advise or represent to Government, Local Authorities and Public bodies on; The policies and the measures including direct and indirect taxation, adopted by them in relation to their effectOn industry or commerce.
    To prepare, edit, print, publish, issue, acquire and circulate books, papers, periodicals, gazettes, circulars andOther literature relating to or being upon industry trade or commerce pertaining to fire fighting equipments
    To send Trade Missions to Foreign Countries.
    To collect statistics and other information regarding the production, trade or ultimate use of fire fighting equipments inVarious countries, To promulgate information useful to manufacturers and traders of fire fighting equipments by letters, discussion,Books, correspondence or otherwise.
    To communicate with chambers of Commerce and other mercantile and public bodies throughout India and connectAnd promote measures for the promotion and advancement of manufacture and trading of fire fighting equipments.